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Jared Leto - Top 15 Facts - The Joker In Suicide Squad - Duur: 2:58.

Absolutely. And dangerous for parents who might not 100% understand that, assume their kids are safe from smut, and send them off online.

Trump delivered a vivisectionist’s neg of Emmanuel Maricon’s granny wife with this slow-acting venom of a backhanded compliment: Trump, to Brigitte Macron: “You’re in such great shape!” A plausibly deniable shiv that is at once flattering and ego-deflating. A perfect teasing set-up to have a woman swoon for your attention all night, and then to […]

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Integrated graphics in most ultraportables are not as useless as they once were. It is actually possible to game on an ultrabook, it s just a matter of choosing the game and its settings carefully. We ve tested 34 games on a ThinkPad X1 Carbon to give you an idea of what.

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Jared Leto - Top 15 Facts - The Joker In Suicide Squad - Duur: 2:58.

Hey, remember how Bill Clinton doubled down on the War on Drugs, perfecting Reagan's haphazard and shoddily made race-war into a well-oiled incarceration machine that turned America into the world's greatest incarcerator, a nation that imprisoned black people at a rate that exceeded Apartheid-era South Africa? (more…)