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Discover the most famous people named Cameron including Cameron Dallas, Cameron Boyce, Cameron Diaz, Cameron Dolan and many more.

Excerpts from the NOW Dating founder Cameron"s speech at Wednesday night"s

If I date you, the goal is to marry you. Build with you. Grow with you. I"m not dating just to pass time by. I see potential in you.

Me and Cameron have been dating for many months and he still random DM"s me cute things hitting on me If this isn"t goals idk what is

Treating online dating like a sample platter at a restaurant is the best approach.

If you use a dating app to try and get attention for your music career or any career you"re the worst kind of person.

If your not dating to marry, then what are you doing?

Well it is nice to know that my ex Cameron Canfield cheated on me when we were dating. What a true genuine character.

Thank God it"s not another teen beauty pageant. I"d hate to hear you utter the words she"s 10 years old. In 10 years I"ll be dating her.

Where did we land on Jon Hamm and Jenny Slate dating?

Every app is a dating app if you believe hard enough.

Besides dating Cameron, living with Miranda and Jason was one of the best decisions I"ve ever made